r600_demo - 3D bringup tool for AMD GPG r6xx/r7xx Chipsets

r600_demo is a bringup tool (read: only something for developers, and to show off, but not for real day use) for the newest graphics chips from AMD. It's based on register documentation and close work with the engineers at AMD.

Main authors have been Alex Deucher from AMD and Matthias Hopf from Novell. Initial DRM implementation has been done by Dave Airlie from Redhat, most of the IP review is done (r600_demo, register specs) and pending (part of docs) by John Bridgman from AMD.

The r600_demo git repo can be cloned from git://anongit.freedesktop.org/git/mesa/r600_demo - instructions to compile and run are in the accompanying README. You also need the '''r6xx-r7xx-support'''-branch of mesa/drm. Note that due to the IP review process we cannot publish the original git repository at the moment, but a list of commits will be published at a later point of time.