radeonhd: List of things to do

If you want to work on one of those things, be sure that

  1. you understand the feature well enough to implement this
  2. if anyone else is working on the feature he/she wants to cooperate with you
  3. you announce it on the according mailing list
  4. you update the information on this wiki page accordingly (add yourself as the one working on it). It's best to announce that you plan to work on a feature on the mailing list and see what the other developers and users think about that. Be sure to include enough information in the announcement, so people have something to comment on.

Also note that "working on" reports here are by no means priority indicators - they just claim that someone is aware of this issue, and has considered to work on it. No more, no less.

Feel free to add additional (technical!) TODOs, but don't consider this do be a bug tracking list, or a general wish list.

radeonhd X11 driver

Please announce work on the radeonhd mailing list.

  • Tiling support for the framebuffer. This will accelerate 3D a lot. As this tackles a lot of subsystems quite a number of changes are involved, and support for r6xx needs more flexibility than for r6xx. (working on: Egbert Eich)
  • 2D and 3D acceleration lock up each other. First estimation by Luc Verhaegen: R5xx3DSetup() is called on every context change (e.g. from 3D application to Xserver), and apparently not waiting correctly for the chip to settle.
  • XVideo support needs some love. E.g. bicubic filtering, support for various color spaces, etc. (working on: Alexander Deucher)
  • Full RandR 1.3 properties support. All mandatory properties are already supported, still there are a number of additional properties that are not implemented yet. (working on: Matthias Hopf)
  • TV out support.
  • Kernel modesetting. radeonhd's DRI and kernel modesetting are currently mutually exclusive. Also being able to utilize kernel modesetting itself would be interesting.

r6xx DRI driver

Please announce work on the radeonhd mailing list, for the moment. Until the r6xx driver is actually available in any form, then we will change to the dri mailing list.

Currently the r6xx DRI driver is basically non-existing. If you want to contribute, first play a bit with the 3D bringup tool and verify that everything works as indicated on your GPU as well.

(working on: Matthias Hopf)