Driver for Number Nine based video chips. License: MIT


The i128 driver was initially written for XFree86 4.0 by Robin Cutshaw. Adam Jackson is the current maintainer.

1.0.0: Base driver as of Xorg 6.8.2.

1.1.0: Partial EXA support (Solid and Copy operations)

Future plans

  • Composite hook for EXA
  • DRM driver
  • Xv acceleration (requires DRM support)
  • Upload and Download hooks for EXA (requires DRM support)
  • Smarter handling of SGI 1600SW flat panel
  • DRI driver See also the NumberNine page on the DRI wiki.

Documentation and Support

  • Please check the manual page for the current release for configuration options.
  • There is also a README file containing additional information about known problems and hints.

Known Issues

See bugzilla.