X.Org DevRoom at FOSDEM2012

  • Time: 4th & 5th of February 2012.
  • Place: At FOSDEM 2012 in Brussels, Belgium. X.Org will this year have its sixth X.Org DevRoom at FOSDEM. The goal of X.Org ?DevRoom at FOSDEM is to have X.Org/Mesa/Wayland and related projects' developers meet, discuss and hack and have a very clear presence at one of the most highly regarded Free and Open Source community events. So FOSDEM is the perfect place to get exposed to both other developers and the (advanced) user community.

X.Org at FOSDEM Schedule

Sunday, 4th of February 2012:

  • 11.00 - 19.00: X.Org Devroom.

Sunday, 5th of February 2012:

X.Org DevRoom

A ?DevRoom is a project/topic specific room on FOSDEM, holding (this time) up to 85 people. It is public but doesn't tend to draw the crowds the main FOSDEM talks tend to get. In general, the FOSDEM public consists of developers and more advanced users and people interested in X.Org/Mesa/Wayland and the topic in the talk scheduled then will attend the ?DevRoom.

This year, due to the obvious close relationship with the openICC project, we are sharing the ?DevRoom with them. Depending on both projects needs, the time available might still change in future. This is their wiki page for their part of the event.

We will have the K.3.401 room in a new building, which offers seating for up to 85 persons.

The ?DevRoom is free and open to everyone, there is no registration required. If the devroom is dangerously full, like during the 2006 Xgl or the 2008 Gallium talk, you will just be denied access :)

DevRoom Talks Schedule


Social Event

libv will probably be getting a table at the excellent "Le Mirabelle" again. If some sponsor for this turns up, great, but otherwise we just pay for ourselves as we have done the last few years. Make sure you catch libv beforehand (friday, or saturday before noon), so he can order a suitably sized table.

Further FOSDEM information

For more information about the FOSDEM event, there's always the FOSDEM website. It includes city maps, information about transportation and a list of hotels.

If you would like a complete overview of FOSDEM, then maybe last years site will be of interest.

Registration and further information

Feel free to just mail libv at skynet dot be, or the x events mailinglist, or poke libv on irc in #xorg-devel on freenode.net.