• Time: Saturday, 23rd and Sunday, 24th of February 2008.
  • Place: At FOSDEM 2008 in Brussels, Belgium. X.org will this year have its third X@FOSDEM, meaning that X will have some events on or surrounding the FOSDEM event. We have a FOSDEM DevRoom on Saturday the 23rd and Sunday the 24th. Due to limited interest and high organizational overhead, no ?HotHouse will be organized.

The goal of X@FOSDEM is to have X developers meet, discuss and hack and X.org will have a very clear presence at one of the most highly regarded Free and Open Source community events. So FOSDEM is the perfect place to get exposed to both the Xorg developer and the Xorg user community.

A call for speakers for the Devroom has gone out.

X@FOSDEM Schedule

Friday, 22nd of February 2008:

  • 18.00+ : Those already in Brussels could meet up and share supper, and maybe head on to FOSDEM beerevent afterwards.

Saturday, 23rd of February 2008:

  • 9.30 - 12.30: FOSDEM Opening talks.
  • 14.00 - 19.00: X@FOSDEM Devroom.
  • 19.00+ : Supper somewhere in Brussels (sponsors?).

Sunday, 24th of February 2008:

  • 9.30 - 18.00: X@FOSDEM Devroom.
  • 19.00+ : Might want to meet up for supper, but nothing will be organized as people will be leaving already.


A ?DevRoom is a project/topic specific room on FOSDEM, holding up to 100 people. It is public but doesn't tend to draw the crowds the main FOSDEM talks tend to get. In general, the FOSDEM public consists of developers and more advanced users and people interested in X.org and the topic in the talk scheduled then will attend such talks.

The ?DevRoom is free and open to everyone, there is no registration required. If the devroom is dangerously full, like during the 2006 Xgl talk, you will just be denied access :)

DevRoom Speaker Schedule


  • 14.30: John Bridgman - Open sourcing ATI.
  • 15.30: Egbert Eich - The RadeonHD Project.
  • 16.30: Stephane Marchesin - Nouveau : Cooking an Open Source Nvidia driver.
  • 17.30: To Be Announced. Sunday:

  • 10.30: Helge Bahmann - XAudio.

  • 11.00: Remi Cardona - Bringing Metisse and X.org together.
  • 12.00: Daniel Stone - Fixing X input: the beer coaster roadmap to success.
  • 13.00: Lunch
  • 14.00: Michael Meeuwisse - Project VGA.
  • 15.00: Keith Whitwell - Update on Gallium3D.
  • 16.00: Jerome Glisse - Radeon, from DRM to Gallium.
  • 17.00: Keith Packard - Roadmap to recovery - pain and redemption in X driver development. The "To Be Announced" talks are slots reserved for talks not appearing in the FOSDEM brochure. Those just have not met the January 31st deadline.

DevRoom Speakers

If you're interested in giving a talk at the X.org FOSDEM ?DevRoom, then contact us right away.

  • We have time for about 11 talks.
  • We will require a titel or topic, and a brief description before january 31st.
  • FOSDEM provides a projector and networking. If you need anything further you should probably bring this along yourself, but feel free to ask anyway :)

X@FOSDEM Social Event

We hope to be organizing at least 1 sponsored evening. But this is still in a highly preliminary state.

Further FOSDEM information

For more information about the FOSDEM event, there's always the FOSDEM website. It includes city maps, information about transportation and a list of hotels.

If you would like a complete overview of FOSDEM, then maybe last years site will be of interest.

Registration and further information

I still need to check whether there is life still in the old mailing lists. But feel free to just mail me, lverhaegen at suse dot de, or the xorg mailinglist, or poke us on irc in #xorg-europe on freenode.net.