• Time: Saturday, 24th and Sunday, 25th of February 2007.
  • Place: At FOSDEM in Brussels, Belgium.
  • Program: available on the fosdem website There will be a second X@FOSDEM this year. We have secured a ?DevRoom for the FOSDEM event, where talks and open discussion around Xorg and related technologies will happen. Attending the ?DevRoom and FOSDEM is of course free.

Notice that there will be no ?HotHouse this year, at least I (Stephane) cannot organize it, since I'm working on friday.

The X@FOSDEM ?DevRoom will, like last year, be a place where talks can be held, amongst other things. More generally, it's a good occasion to meet other Xorg devs !

Only a call for attendants and community interest was made at this point, and the results were very positive. The following persons will already be attending: Michel Daenzer, Egbert Eich, Jim Gettys, Jerome Glisse, Matthieu Herrb, Matthias Hopf, Amaury Jacquot, Lars Knoll, Stephane Marchesin, Keith Packard, Rene Rebe, Zack Rusin, Jamey Sharp, Luc Verhaegen.

If you are also interested in visiting this event, don't hesitate to mail me or pop up on irc (#xorg-europe on freenode.net). There is no obligation to do this, but it will help organisation.

Videos of Talks

FOSDEM recorded some of the X related talks in the Desktop Applications track including: