• Time: Friday, 24th until Sunday, 26th of February 2006.
  • Place: At FOSDEM 2006 in Brussels, Belgium. X.org will this year have its first X@FOSDEM, meaning that X will have some events on or surrounding the FOSDEM event. An X Developers HotHouse will be organised on Friday the 24th, the day before FOSDEM 2006 and during the weekend (25th and 26th) X.org will have a DevRoom at FOSDEM.

The goal of X@FOSDEM is to have X developers meet, discuss and hack. This is why the idea of an X Developers HotHouse has been revived. The event also allows those who were unable to make it to the X.org Developers Conference to catch up on what happened there. At the same time, X.org will have a very clear presence at one of the most highly regarded Free and Open Source community events.

We are still looking for speakers for the Devroom.

X@FOSDEM Schedule

Friday, 24th of February 2006:

  • 9.30 - 18.00: X@FOSDEM Developers HotHouse.
    • 18.00+ : X@FOSDEM Social event.

Saturday, 25th of February 2006:

Sunday, 26th of February 2006:

  • 9.30 - 12.30: X@FOSDEM Devroom.
    • 13.30 - 18.00: X@FOSDEM Devroom.

X@FOSDEM Developers HotHouse

A HotHouse is a place where developers can meet informally, discuss and hack on code together. It is proven concept that's highly creative and very productive.

The room is on the same campus where FOSDEM takes place the days after (map), and it is equipped with electricity and (at least local) networking. You should be able to find arrows that guide you to the hothouse (ACE room) when you walk down the Rue Paul Heger.

Here is a list of HotHouse participants.


A DevRoom is a project/topic specific room on FOSDEM, holding anywhere from 50 to 150 people. It is public but doesn't tend to draw the crowds the main FOSDEM talks tend to get. In general, a DevRoom can be thought of as a more public HotHouse, but one which has scheduled talks.

The DevRoom is free and open to everyone, there is no registration required. But if you're coming, you can always attach yourself to this list.

DevRoom Speaker Schedule



The "To Be Announced" talks are slots reserved for talks not appearing in the FOSDEM brochure.

DevRoom Speakers

If you're interested in giving a talk at the X.org FOSDEM DevRoom, then contact us right away.

  • We have time for about 11 talks.
  • We will require a title or topic, and a brief description ASAP.
  • Papers are due on wednesday 22nd.
  • FOSDEM provides a projector and networking. If you need anything further you can always ask us, but be prepared to bring it along yourself.

X@FOSDEM Social Event

The "back room" of Cafe De L'Universite has been reserved for X.org. Cafe De L'Universite is a students cafe 500m east of the FOSDEM site (towards the cemetary) and they offer a good choice of belgian food at good prices, accompanied by a nice selection of belgian beers. Friday night is mussels night!

Further FOSDEM information

For more information about the FOSDEM event, there's always the FOSDEM website. It includes city maps, information about transportation and a list of hotels.

If you would like a complete overview of FOSDEM, then maybe last years site will be of interest.

Registration and further information

If you want to register for the HotHouse or are interested in speaking at the DevRoom, or just need more information, mail us at fosdem-org@lists.x.org.