Thank you for your interest in EVoC!

If you haven't already, please carefully read the page on the X.org wiki concerning the EVoC[1].

What you need to do is to write a concise proposal, and provide a detailed timeline for your work (please make sure to include concessions for any expected vacations/time off/etc.). Then you need to email it to the relevant mailing lists while CC'ing both "board@foundation.x.org" and "evoc@foundation.x.org". The "relevant mailing list" will depend on the area of the project your work will affect. For example, if your proposal is to work on some aspect of Wayland, then your proposal will need to be emailed to the wayland-devel mailing list. Please make sure to use an informative subject line which indicates your email is an EVoC proposal.

You will receive feedback from the community (via the relevant mailing list) asking you to defend or elaborate on your proposal in various ways. Please follow the advice that is given to you and update your proposal as appropriate. You will then need to find a mentor for the project (which will most likely be found on the relevant mailing list).

Once you have a proposal and timeline that have been reviewed and accepted by the community, and you have found a mentor, the board will have a vote and tell you if your proposal has been accepted or not.

Please ask us for more details if you need more information on one or multiple particular steps.

[1] http://www.x.org/wiki/XorgEVoC/