Proposed patches

Below here, please list patches nominated for merging into the server-1.5-branch from master, after sufficient testing has been done (no insta-merges, please).

Since xserver 1.5.3 has been released, nominations here will be considered for future 1.5.x bugfix releases, if we do any.

Once these have been merged, move them below this line:

a9e20306fbe3262602f21b876a52a1ef38cdf20a int10: Do an mprotect(..,PROT_EXEC) on shmat()ed memory ranges.

d3d6be4948fa19947fd3b03e6694247109cc0ffb mi: Fix infinite loop on regen when is missing

991c88b7542164194be73573e7644164416ea90c xfree86: xf86SetDepthBpp needs to respect the driver's depth24flags

59f9fb4b8c031df69b3592a26b77e744ff4a556e XAA PixmapOps: Sync before accessing unwrapped callbacks.

c9051b684b524549eab6d5b88ee3e195a6f6fbe8 Use OsSignal in Popen/Pclose to avoid SysV signal() stupidity

d63ea510138c8b6de66184c78cda39ed9981fc1f Non-Linux OS'es should default to kbd driver, not now-dead keyboard driver

8f8a9c19ad58768b07461a3f4bccea98f7c4f958 EXA: avoid copy operations if no boxes in use

c9c1c8ca18d57b65889ec69a93e249f549562732 dix: extra sanity-checks against potential NULL-dereferences.

Xserver 1.5.3

8e368cf5b964f1d29fda0a463f9510457619b14d Xorg: add -modalias option

ffaaa1a198a77eb6800c08d4613ee1cc0b068ba0 xfree86: fix compiler warnings in DoModalias()

5b336585a4cdf11d20831a9536ad581e959ea7f1 dri: don't set the dixPrivate key to NULL, as this is a staticly set variable

Xserver 1.5.2

8c46505d7d91e0644b19cccc4b342fceb6f86cab xkb: fix use of uninitialized variable.

ae986d1c73d2f720bd0309d8c33328d14e8eed25 xkb: fix core keyboard map generation. #14373

30c3c13f1030268aaa6a3598d538fafd0592d77a xkb: squash canonical types into explicit ones on core reconstruction

94919480d8bb66e1807b4fe87b8f326ef6e012c6 int10: Fix a nasty memory leak. (depends on int10 warning commits a65e36a873cd1ba9896cd0f9a3e94dd933666005 & a57b2f172c1291f22f7ba2780c1b2f55e353c3e9 )

56c615368c5a8e7acb0398434c2c68578626aa38 Check nextEnabledOutput()'s return in bestModeForAspect()

1feb69eb63e6739ff5db255ad529e84adf941a10 DGA: Fix ProcXF86DGASetViewPort for missing support in driver.

Xserver 1.5.1

2b266eda6e23d16116f8a8e258192df353970279 Fix panoramiX request and reply swapping

b4762c0245ed2966606171cf27f40aa745fdc76e exa: disable shared pixmaps

Xserver 1.5

d01c5ca7935a8340a3cd68c325da6dfec005c952 Typo (the the).

229e60db8f95232afc8cdcb7cd0572d117c84b90 Typo (the the).

01264f17925005969c3b71ca945fc1014bcd8c8e Add swapped dispatch for randr 1.2 requests. (alternatively, return 1.1 from RRQueryVersion if (client->swapped))

d3ae193f4ac87530f2745f8cb5e7b70dd516881e Xevie: always initialize rep.length (bug#17394)

b5cdcfa55c399e83d51242e93d4f25d8bc4fec1f Xevie: swap replies as necessary

eff25430b4a391409e39337962ff7697165d23c7 Don't abort if swrast library is not present

244a635fcdc9e0a7212d51b26d74f49d8e1b071f Fix the tile offset in miPaintWindow for ParentRelative windows.

49751fee3b82ebc4917bfb168ec78aad7874f1f1 glx: copy msaa visual capabilities

2d7ba09dc4b5eff5dba8d7867f285111574b1737 Make devPrivates lookup functions ABI instead of static inlines.

95d4ede538fbb68049ba3efa0acb0e9712e5cb01 Fix types of modeIsPresent

d5ae85b5b722821499d5796cf0973ecb6ec125f1 Fix embarrasing GLXPixmap leak.

facb255fa9267e343cbc91f841f1b64e5dc99e98 Need to unref pixmaps backing pbuffers too.

0b9ef835a0fe900c121b84e43989591e58ab1126 modes: fix initial xorg.conf mode selection.

2eaed4a10fe5bf727579bca4ab8d4a47c8763a7d xfree86: use xorg.conf input devices if there is no ServerLayout (or revert c30f36c8c1dfd85deaf1c109823a1f15dd218ac7)

b8dd07f855c555af56cbf0f69df799f424da2cca HAL: Remove grotesque open-coded strcasestr

35b14519b4a3158592a089170ec039bbc219603e config: add parsing for input.x11_options.XkbOptions. #16874

92c51b183c2ff06361dad7f918daed6577ba4935 config: support type strlist for XkbOptions property.

3c6a9c531f673b7a0cb9ca01860b4dbe79686363 config: protect against potential out-of-bounds indexing.


These changes were nominated, but found not suitable for a 1.5.x release, though they will be in 1.6.0 and later:

b6ab114212c0e4c3346ceb5b207f14c526ab81e7 Array-index based devPrivates implementation. (depends on ebea78cdba0ff14a397239ee1936bd254c181e1b) -- breaks ABI