X server version 1.4 release plans


1.4.1 will be released on November 11th, 2007. It is scheduled to contain some random minor fixups, as well as a load of input fixes for extended events. Please nominate your patches on this page, as usual.

DanielStone is responsible for this release. The blocker bug for this release is xorg-server-1.4.1.


X server version 1.4.0 includes the following new features:

  • Input hotplug: Input hotplug allows hotplugging of input devices, and also adds enhanced support for touchscreens and tablets, through either HAL or D-Bus.
  • KDrive: Numerous enhancements have been made to the KDrive codebase, including better support for multiple input devices.
  • DTrace: When running on ?OpenSolaris, DTrace support is available in the X server, allowing detailed accounting of operations inside the server.
  • EXA: A great deal of work has been done on the EXA framework to make it more usable.


The input & video driver API/ABI's are not compatible with X server version 1.3. All other module type API/ABI's are compatible with X server version 1.3.

1.4 1.3

Proposed patches

Below here, please list patches nominated for merging into the server-1.4-branch from master, after sufficient testing has been done (no insta-merges, please).

  • Once those patches are merged, please move them below this line:

  • 70c0592a97c7dc9db0576d32b3bdbe4766520509 - Resize composite overlay window when the root window changes.
  • a48cc88ea2674c28b69b8d738b168cbafcf4001f - Fix rotation for multi-monitor situation.
  • c7d6d1f589d729fa689d22d82fe30afbc6e1cacb - EXA: Punt on fallback case not handled correctly in exaFillRegionTiled. (Backport to 1.4 branch attached to bug 12520)
  • 006f6525057970a74382132237b2131286ad147c - EXA: Make sure tile offsets passed to drivers are never negative. (Backport to 1.4 branch attached to bug 12606)
  • 5d74416740de883b7ef0994afea4bbd4d3901be0 - EXA: Don't attempt to move in pixmaps that can't be accelerated. (Backport to 1.4 branch attached to bug 12815)
  • 23fbd5292d356067e85e1eec4eb4f743532b0503 Actually build Secure RPC authentication support
  • 265a633cf1fcbf497d6916d9e22403dffdde2e07 Screen size changing should leave FB alone when X is inactive.
  • 48ca5961caee62f2980017a6bdc96a1b4c747727 - Prefer configured ?DisplaySize to probed DDC data, if available.
  • 3a965fdadccea7beff09a28c9c0ef4b4975eae38 - Don't segfault on shutdown if we never managed to connect to dbus.
  • 50fa8722d35c12e5f0322cebe25faf99c39d4f50 - Set noCompositeExtension to TRUE when failing to initialize the extension (e.g. when Xinerama is enabled).
  • 0fcde83d94507eadd9f99d4e6a63584b221c989c and 3f42af8c0ef1e5379bc836f589e0cbee43c02ac5. Tested with add & remove command, both valid and invalid forms, on a compile of the server-1.4. branch.
  • d0dc9698ae4324d44ed4c0482d6858d0b73bff33 Add XEXPORT to exported functions in hw/xfree86/modes/*
  • 32666d77227fcd2c066de16bf3c07366f92b0457 Bug #12015: Use the right offsets in the dst arguments of pixman_blt.
  • 6a32a96d8df184c3ace4847beb48fdcb846d2286 stride is in ?FbBits-sized chunks, but xoff is not.
  • 53c04351c462d2ae307684e50d5960debe1ee557 move intel crtc xv clipping helper to the xserver
  • 1f6ddae003ec65d6bc567831bf32bf75dfefdd6c add xf86_crtc_clip_video_helper to xf86sym.c
  • 7dc8531548cc9573e28bb04363dcbb3af5864c9a Ref count cursors used in hw/xfree86/modes code.
  • 12d27cf33c6d963eae77795c0d247175907162a5 fix for bug #3113 (also get a66c0f1dca2958835ff65a5b50579e3304ed316a please.)
  • 0dc2bb6101704d0fd25f36e2c3df79687f119f5b [RANDR] Compare only milliseconds of config time. (Bug #6502)
  • 1afdf8b0a92437dffe84fa98b6083b3d8fd55e27 [RANDR] Don't mark Xinerama as active if no crtcs are enabled. (bug #11504).
  • f98dfec79dadb70fa7bba84e7335f92b3a73dc02 [COMPOSITE] Composite used for pixmap population on redirect. (Bug #7447)

  • Patches not approved for 1.4.0: