X server version 1.3 release plans

X server version 1.3 is API/ABI compatible with X server version 1.2. It includes the following new features:

  • RandR 1.2
  • EXA Damage track

Below here, please list patches nominated for merging into the 1.3.x branch from master, after sufficient testing has been done (no insta-merges, please).

  • f8482967ae8080f49dd1bbb0b79cc65020df679f: Add exa driver callback for pixmapIsOffscreen.
  • c10df5b967d4da4e11786520317e2917de5541fa: Swap RRScreenChangeNotifyEvent dimensions when the screen has one crtc and it's rotated.
  • 649e7f82d8d4333443493056b81eb20d6cf022bc: Consolidate portPriv->pDraw assignments into xf86XVEnlistPortInWindow. (Fixes crashes introduced by commit a232693c8c2a206aac47c07b133c071938204e0b below, see e.g. https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=11264)

Once those patches are merged, please move them below this line:

RC1 contains these fixes:

  • 811675733e97416c990e6dc9c19271b43d96248d: os: fix client privates leak
    • We accidentally leaked the os layer's private structures for every client.
  • 0f6dd4aea6176507dbe1c90c950d332fecbcaacb: xephyr: fix screen private leak
    • We accidentally leaked the screen private structure every regeneration.
  • 5dcad9e9d7d9993d65f989219bee94a060bbf476: Fix bus error on startup in 64-bit Xephyr
    • We were passing pointers to CARD32's to a function expecting pointers to unsigned longs.
  • c4b7e9d1c16797c3e4b1200b40aceab5696a7fb8: Add an RDTSC implementation to the x86 emulator.
    • Not a very good implementation, but it's better than nothing.
  • edd5f1745461f995670969cb736d1569ca94643f: Add ast driver/device info to Xorg server & config utilities
    • No reason not to let the server give this driver a try.
  • 40f84793bca40dcc6883d51aefa1bda44bd1ac61: Propogate $LIBS for xtrans, clock_gettime, libm, etc for each server
    • Make sure OS'es that need additional libraries get them added to the library list for all the servers
  • f9f7d7f3be53c808abb5eaceb7a1abc55744a210: Make sparc #ifdefs compatible with Sun cc
  • 5680efc0d2baf0a9451e82e490e3690fc23dda0f: Xorg should not be including on Solaris
    • Fixes builds on current Solaris development branch releases

RC2 contains these fixes:

  • d5aba03feff41722c72b4c6193f09d141cbf1678: Xprint: shorten font filename to fit in tar length limit
    • Follow-up for commit aeabf2a1f873f884b8a8c33b1517c3f3cab4c7f5, bring filenames within tar limits. Revert 73904d953f2f9cbe941a215ba240b46bc7a61357 before applying.

RC3 contains these fixes:

fbdevhw fixes:

  • f6815cb68b0f6698497348fc6e4214dacef33b95: fbdevhw: Consolidate modeset ioctl calling, report failure if it modifies mode.
  • c385bcf0bde38dd869f7065f859dd4b4126f5690: fbdevhw: Fix some issues with the previous commit.
  • d077c0da470ab7291e8d838eaace57b066477d6f: fbdevhw: Use displayWidth for fbdev virtual width when appropriate.
  • dc5eb4523298f966bd5fd9ae6672160034b5e82c: fbdevhw: Override RGB offsets and masks after setting initial mode.
  • 27a01e100bff21ac0b70c6d72071d7226fc91264: fbdevhw: Consider mode set equal to mode requested if virtual width is larger.
  • 14d6a9b327381a6bb2dac59c62728e5fd0f0bcfb: fbdevhw: Only deal with RGB weight if default visual is True- or DirectColor.

Allow colour-keyed Xv overlay adaptors to work a little better with compositing managers (only implemented in radeon driver on master branch so far):

  • a232693c8c2a206aac47c07b133c071938204e0b: Add per-drawable Xv colour key helper function.
  • 788cfce911793a26aed16f38f30678ecee82c873: Bump video driver ABI version to 1.2.

RC4 didn't contain these fixes, so they're in RC5 instead.

  • 8c7f56d92d8471ee059c14d322af5f7f555dd5c6: Fix timer reschedule.
  • 645d87cf8ef724d4591614f9994cdc4d7549a7a8: CVE-2007-1003

Patches which cause chaos when cherry-picked.

These have been rejected for 1.3; suitable 1.3-specific patches are welcome as substitutes; please publish as a branch from a 1.3 tag or attach a patch to this message.

  • 68d39d8571d8717d26cedc84015d537549520a14: kdrive/ephyr: fix keysym type confusion once and for all
    • Keysyms were getting mangled in the keymap load, because of 32-bit vs. 64-bit type confusion.
  • 68c64ad7b1eea79c786b5a7f3459076780163a47: Xext: Update device's lastx/lasty when sending a motion event with XTest.

Patches which appear to change the ABI/API compatibility with server version 1.2.

DRI enhancements:

Allow page flipping with unredirected fullscreen windows while running compiz:

  • eedf148e5a1273ebbf4dc8dcac9c435712fc00ea: Track number of visible DRI windows separately for transitions.

Allow independent page flipping on each CRTC and excluding the DRI window contents when synchronizing 2D rendering between pages (only implemented in the intel driver so far):

  • 3c7a27dc77595ad018bb7c4f7cef6bc178268cb6: DRI: New ClipNotify driver hook.
  • 3344a4eda704edc7dc30037f095de277a60a70bb: DRI: Make sure number of DRI windows is accurate in driver ClipNotify hook.