EXA support status for various drivers. To help out, take a driver that isn't started, or improve one of the patches below, or port the code from KAA or XAA. Documentation is in xorg git under xserver/xorg/hw/xfree86/doc/devel/exa-driver.txt and found in doxygen from in the exa.h header.

If you want to test, you will need at least

    Option "AccelMethod" "exa"

in your card's Device section in xorg.conf. Do not try Load "exa" because it will fail. You may also want to enable Composite, by saying

Section "Extensions"
    Option "Composite" "enable"


  • i128 (Solid and Copy only so far, incompatible with DGA, only tested on T2R4 cards)
  • radeon (r1xx-r7xx with Render accel)
  • sis (sis/xgi; Solid and Copy only)
  • trident cyberblade and xp4 (Solid and Copy only)
  • via (Solid, Copy, Render)
  • savage (Solid, Copy, UTS)
  • mach64 (Solid, Copy, Render. DFS pending)
  • mga (Solid, Copy, UTS. Render pending)
  • siliconmotion (Solid, Copy. UTS pending)
  • i810/intel (Solid, Copy, Render)
  • nouveau (Solid, Copy, UTS/DFS on nv0x, Render on newer cards)
  • geode (GX and LX variants, Copy/Solid/Composite) - README, code

Work in progress:

  • tdfx
  • s3virge (Copy only currently) <-- link died ?
  • r128 Joseph Garvin SoC

No work started, but capable of Render acceleration:

  • glide
  • glint (supported in KAA)
  • i740
  • imstt
  • newport
  • impact
  • rendition
  • trident (supported in KAA)
  • voodoo

No work started, some chips might be capable of Render acceleration:

  • apm (via the voodoo rush)
  • cirrus (laguna?)
  • neomagic (256XL+ was the only one with a 3D engine) (supported in KAA)
  • cyrix/nsc (new GX2s have an alpha combiner)
  • sun{ffb,leo}

No work started, no Render acceleration possible:

  • ark
  • chips (supported in KAA)
  • s3 (supported in KAA)
  • sun{bw2,cg14,cg3,cg6,tcx} (tcx has some EXA support in NetBSD tree: WebCVS Link)
  • tga
  • tseng

Probably unsuitable for EXA support:

  • dummy
  • fbdev
  • vesa
  • vga
  • vmware
  • wsfb