XDS2008 Program

This is the rough program for XDS2008. If you would like to give a talk, please add a proposal to the Ideas section below. Please do not edit the program itself: instead, if you have any time constraints (e.g. are arriving late or leaving early), please note them with your talk.

Refreshments (coffee, tea, biscuits, etc) will be served throughout the day; a light breakfast will be served in the morning (coffee, tea and pastries), and lunch will be served on-campus. Dinner is at your own discretion, as long as you're out of the zoo by 6pm. There's a pub across the road from the zoo, which is apparently quite good.

On Thursday, there'll be a guided tour of the zoo at sunset, going from 6pm-7:30pm, after which there'll be a drink and some finger food back at Mansion House.

Feel free to fill the bof/demo/misc slots if you want to talk about something.


Wednesday (input and misc) Thursday (GL-related happiness) Friday (other)
9am tea/coffee/pastries, coalesce tea/coffee/pastries, coalesce tea/coffee/pastries, coalesce
9:30am Welcome and Foundation overview (?MatthewGarrett, Foundation board) Gallium3D status (?TungstenGraphics) Plymouth graphical boot synergies (KristianHøgsberg)
10:30am morning tea morning tea morning tea
10:45am Input summary (?PeterHutterer) Gallium3D, i915, and you (JakobBornecrantz) DRI2 v2 (KristianHøgsberg)
11:45am Pointer acceleration (?SimonThum) Intel Graphics Testing (?GordonJin)
Radeon KMS, memory management, etc (JeromeGlisse) More DRI2 hilarity
12:30pm lunch lunch lunch
1:30pm Improving input latency (TiagoVignatti) GLSL (?IanRomanick) Everybody loves Intel (?KeithPackard)
2:30pm Runtime GPU power management (?MatthewGarrett) (2:15pm) Penguin Parade XKB stuff (SimosXenitellis)
3:15pm afternoon tea afternoon tea afternoon tea
3:30pm Live XI2 spec drafting (?PeterHutterer) GEM: The easy and simple memory manager everyone's gonna love (?EricAnholt) Lock doors, no-one leaves until 7.4 released (?EricAnholt, possible virtual presence from AdamJackson and DanielStone)
4:30pm (bof?) (bof?) (continuation of previous?)
6pm be social sunset zoo tour then drinks/nibbles in Mansion House be social


  • Input and related:
    • Input summary (?PeterHutterer): Current state of input, XI2, MPX.
    • Improving input latency (TiagoVignatti): Current state of input-thread and other ideas.
    • Introduction to pointer acceleration: a few slides on ptr accel (?SimonThum; not on sep 5th)
    • Interactive session: XI 2 Protocol specification Draft 0 (?PeterHutterer)
  • X.Org Foundation (?EricAnholt, EgbertEich, MatthieuHerrb, ?KeithPackard, feat. all of AdamJackson, BartMassey, DanielStone and ?CarlWorth in spirit): Rough overview of how and what the Foundation's up to, begging for members, etc.
  • Peace full talk on radeon kms, memory management, cache coherency, command submission and various others topics (JeromeGlisse)
  • DRI2 version 2! Now without sarea or locks (KristianHøgsberg)
  • The Plymouth Graphical Boot Experience (KristianHøgsberg)
  • State of Gallium3D (TG)
  • Gallium3D, i915 and you (JakobBornecrantz)
  • Runtime power management of graphics hardware - interfaces and capabilities (?MatthewGarrett)
  • Graphics testing (?GordonJin): what community can help on testing, how to file a good bug report.
  • Rah rah Intel rah rah (?KeithPackard)
  • Probably something to do with Mesa (?EricAnholt)
  • Everyone loves OpenGL 3 (?IanRomanick)
  • X.Org 7.5, server 1.6, and similarly cheerful topics (?EricAnholt with AdamJackson and DanielStone in spirit and possibly heckling via IRC)