XDS2007 Program

This is the rough program for XDS2007. If you would like to give a talk, please add a proposal to the Ideas section below. Please do not edit the program itself: instead, if you have any time constraints (e.g. are arriving late or leaving early), please note them with your talk. Please contact Dave Airlie < airlied@gmail.com > for any scheduling suggestions or changes.

Refreshments (coffee, tea, biscuits, etc) will be served throughout the day. Breakfast will be served at 8am for those in the college. Lunch and dinner will be off-campus.


Monday (Drivers) Tuesday (OpenGL and related, Input) Wednesday (Future plans, misc, other)
9am Welcome and Foundation overview (DanielStone and crew) GLSL (?ZouNanhai) Local compositing with DMX (?DavidReveman)
10am Red Hat X.org Overview (?DavidAirlie) / Sun X.org overview (StuartKreitman) Softpipe (?KeithWhitwell) Embedded systems (DanielStone)
11am morning tea morning tea morning tea
11:30am Radeon driver status (?AlexDeucher) TTM and redirected DRI (KristianHøgsberg) ACPI and video driver interactions (?MatthewGarrett)
12:15pm Render acceleration improvements (?ZackRusin) TTM BoF (?KeithWhitwell) Kernel Modesetting BoF (?DavidAirlie)
1pm lunch lunch lunch
2pm XvMC (?ZhenyuWang) Jitblt (?DanAmelang) Long lunch
3pm Intel driver architecture (?KeithPackard) Ndiyo (MichaelDales) Monitor specs (AdamJackson)
3:30pm afternoon tea afternoon tea afternoon tea
4pm EXA/i965 performance (?CarlWorth) Input overview and plans (DanielStone) LLVM for acceleration (?ZackRusin)
5pm OpenGL performance (?VedranRodic) MPX (?PeterHutterer) Reverse engineering (JeromeGlisse, StephaneMarchesin)
7pm be social be social four-course dinner at the college


  • Input (DanielStone): explanation of how our input code works today, and what we're planning (e.g., the input thread and its mini-status given by TiagoVignatti).
  • Small devices (DanielStone): The challenges actually facing X on small devices, such as the Nokia N800; what are we going to do with KDrive?
  • EXA/i965 performance issues (?CarlWorth): How can we make our newest free-software supported hardware really fast?
  • Reverse-engineering tools (JeromeGlisse, StephaneMarchesin): The tools and techniques you need for reverse engineering. (Not that you'd ever want to ...)
  • Intel driver architecture (?KeithPackard): How the intel driver works today and where the cool new features are landing.
  • MPX and XGE (?PeterHutterer): Update on the status, what works, what doesn't yet.
  • Fixing Xrender's rasterization (?ZackRusin): General talk on ways in which we could improve Xrender's rasterization semantics and algorithm to make it more acceleration friendly.
  • LLVM and graphics (?ZackRusin): What's LLVM, how it works and what are the most interesting things about it when viewed from a perspective of graphics.
  • Accelerating desktops (?ZackRusin): Problems and challenges in building a robust acceleration framework for modern desktops. Focused on acceleration of font and complex polygon rendering.
  • OLPC display and power management (?JimGettys): The OLPC XO-1 has a unique, novel LCD panel, and can suspend the processor leaving the LCD alive. If I can persuade AdamJackson, we'll probably do a tag team about how this came to be and how it's been implemented.
  • GLSL support in Intel driver (?ZouNanhai): How GLSL is implemented on Intel graphic card and mesa driver.
  • X.Org Foundation (Foundation board): What the Foundation has done, what we're planning to do, and general status.
  • X Protocol in Java (RomanKennke): Introducing and discussing Escher, an X protocol implementation written completely in Java.
  • Jitblt (?DanAmelang) Just-In-Time compilation of image compositing kernels in pixman.
  • XvMC improvement (?ZhenyuWang, ?HaihaoXiang): How's current XvMC support on Intel graphics, what's needed to be improved for hw accelerated H.264/AVC decoder.
  • coming Red Hat X.org attractions (?DavidAirlie) - Overview of upcoming roadmap for X.org in Fedora and RHEL - compositing + modesetting
  • Modesetting BOF (David Airlie) - ModeSettingBoF- A BOF session on moving modesetting interfaces into the kernel
  • If it wasn't for those pesky kids (?DavidAirlie) - current status of open source drivers for X.org
  • Softpipe, whats all that about then? (?KeithWhitwell) - Tungsten Graphics and others plans for renewing the Mesa software rasterizer, creating a Cell driver, and a new driver model for Mesa.
  • TTM BOF (?KeithWhitwell) - Wiki page at TTMBoF I see lots of disjoint conversations about the memory manager, I think we need to take this opportunity to get some alignment amongst all the groups using & developing TTM.
  • 3D driver performance (?VedranRodic): I'll focus on the intel915 driver since I own the hardware. 915tex driver helps Quake3 (about 50% faster), but ?SecondLife is still much slower than Windows
  • Redirected direct rendering, TTM based texture-from-pixmap and GLXPixmaps (Kristian Høgsberg) - presenting a working prototype and discussing required interface changes.
  • New monitor standards (and/or ones we just don't implement yet) and their impact on RANDR and the driver model. (AdamJackson)
  • radeon driver: where we were, where we are now, where we are going (?AlexDeucher)
  • Ethernet & USB Thin Client drivers: Some bits of the ethernet Nivo think client work and drivers for USB monitors from based on the Display Link chipset (MichaelDales)
  • Using Xdmx as a remote proxy X server that allows compositing to be done locally (?DavidReveman)
  • The interaction between ACPI and video drivers (?MatthewGarrett)
  • What happens in the year of the desktop (?MatthewTippett)