XDC2014 -Social Event

We are looking into spending Saturday in a village called Saint Emilion which is known for producing one of the best red wine in the Bordeaux wine region. We would visit a winery/Château and their wineyards, the medieval village and its underground church.

Some of you have expressed the wish to cycle in the beautiful country side. We are looking into it but it is definitely doable. A meeting will be organised on Wednesday to discuss who wants to cycle and what are your abilities.

The plan is to take the train Saturday morning (with or without bikes) for about 40 minutes, spend the day in Saint Emilion (eat there) and then come back in the evening.

Meet point

Let's meet in Bordeaux Saint-Jean rail station at 9am/9.15am.

Take some time to buy your train ticket. The price is 9.20 € for a one-way trip (18.40€ for the round-trip).


Please bring a sandwich with you as we may have a hard time finding a restaurant open at the right time. Don't forget a small bottle of water too!


Both pedestrian and bikers

At 12.30am, we'll visit the Franc Mayne vineyard. It's 1.5km away from center of Saint Emilion.

The visit includes:

  • the cellar
  • the undergrounds
  • tasting of 3 wines

The tour lasts one hour. The guide speaks English.

The price is 12 € / pers.


In the afternoon, pedestrian can make a visit of the city and its underground.

The tour lasts one hour and a half. The guide speaks English.

The price is around 15 € / pers.


The Office of Tourism has bikes available (or will indicate where to get them, I guess).

The price is 15 € for the whole day.


Please add yourself to the following list if you would like to join the social event. Please also specify if you are more interested in cycling or visiting the village.

  1. Connor Abbott (pedestrian)
  2. Kathleen Abbott (pedestrian)
  3. Robert Bragg (pedestrian)
  4. Rob Clark (cycling, if bicycle avail ofc)
  5. Christian Costa (pedestrian visit)
  6. Alan Coopersmith (pedestrian visit)
  7. Alex Deucher (pedestrian)
  8. Matt Dew (cycling)
  9. Steve Dodier-Lazaro #not coming#
  10. Egbert Eich (TBD)
  11. Jason Ekstrand (pedestrian)
  12. Ken Graunke (pedestrian)
  13. Theo Hill (cycling)
  14. Arthur Huillet (cycling) #not coming#
  15. Atlanta Justen (pedestrian)
  16. Jordan Justen (pedestrian)
  17. Paul Kocialkowski (cycling)
  18. Stuart Kreitman (cycling)
  19. Lionel Landwerlin (pedestrian)
  20. Kelly Ledford (pedestrian)
  21. Damien Lespiau (pedestrian)
  22. Alexander Monakov (pedestrian)
  23. Pierre Moreau (pedestrian)
  24. Keith Packard (cycling)
  25. Jean-Sébastien Pédron (pedestrian)
  26. Pierre-Emmanuel Pédron (pedestrian)
  27. Lauri Peltonen (cycling)
  28. Martin Peres (pedestrian)
  29. Audrey Pizzolato (pedestrian)
  30. Timothée Ravier (pedestrian)
  31. Andy Ritger (cycling)
  32. Neil Roberts (pedestrian)
  33. Ian Romanick (TBD)
  34. Jamey Sharp (cycling)
  35. Roy Spliet (cycling)
  36. François Tigeot (pedestrian visit)
  37. Matt Turner (pedestrian)
  38. Emil Velikov (pedestrian visit)