XDC2014 Program

Tuesday 7 October, 2014
6:00pm-bedtime Pre-XDC meeting: Eating & drinking: Connemara, 14-18 cours d'Albret, Bordeaux (Google maps)

Wednesday 8 October, 2014
9:00am-9:30am Hellos, breakfast, etc.
9:30am-10:00am Samuel Thibault - Where does accessibility plug into the graphical desktop stack?
10:00am-10:30am Peter Hutterer - Consolidating the input stacks with libinput
10:30am- 10:45am Break
10:45am-11:15am Stephen Chandler Paul - Adding tablet devices support to the Wayland protocol
11:15am-11:45am Emil Velikov - Teaching Waffle how to wiggle
11:45am- 2:00pm Lunch
2:00pm- 2:30pm Ian Romanick - Randomized Testing
2:30pm- 3:00pm Samuel Pitoiset - Nouveau: Expose NVIDIA's performance counters to the userspace for nv50/tesla
3:00pm- 3:30pm Roy Spliet - Project REclock: Extending Nouveau with Voltage and Frequency Scaling for NVA3/5/8
3:30pm- 3:45pm Break / Social Event meeting
3:45pm- 4:15pm Alex Deucher - AMD's New Unified Open Source Driver
4:15pm- 4:45pm Hans de Goede - Backlight kernel ABI discussion
4:45pm- 5:00pm Break / Travel Sponsorship session
5:00pm- 5:30pm Lauri Peltonen - DRM: Explicit synchronization
5:30pm- 6:00pm Peter Hutterer - State of the X.Org Foundation

Thursday 9 October, 2014
9:00am-9:30am Hellos, breakfast, etc.
Display servers:
9:30am-10:00am David Herrmann - Graphics beyond the main compositor
10:00am-10:30am Jason Ekstrand - Wayland fullscreen shell and some ideas about compositor nesting
10:30am- 10:45am Break
10:45am-11:15am David FORT - FreeRDS and its X friends
11:15am-11:45am Keith Packard - Glamor Status Report
11:45am- 2:15pm Lunch
2:15pm- 2:45pm Samuel Pitoiset - HPC: An OpenCL simulation of molecular dynamics on heterogeneous architectures
2:45pm- 3:15pm Samuel Thibault - StarPU: seamless computations among CPUs and GPUs
3:15pm- 3:30pm Break
3:30pm- 4:00pm Nicolas P. Rougier - Modern and Interactive Scientific Visualization
Window Systems:
4:00pm- 4:30pm Martin Gräßlin - KWin went XCB
4:30pm- 4:45pm Break
4:45pm- 5:45pm Steve Dodier-Lazaro & Martin Peres - Security in Wayland-based desktop environments: Privileged clients, authorization, authentication and sandboxing!

Friday 10 October, 2014
9:00am-9:15am Hellos, breakfast, etc.
Window Systems (continuation):
9:15am-10:15am Manuel Bachmann - Tizen, a Wayland-powered operating system
10:15am-10:30am Break
10:30am-11:00am Jean-Sébastien Pédron - The status of the graphics stack on FreeBSD
11:00am-11:40am Francois Tigeot - Porting drm/kms drivers to DragonFlyBSD
11:40am-12:00am Matthieu Herrb - Status of the OpenBSD graphics stack
12:00am- 2:00pm Lunch
EGL & OpenGL:
2:00pm- 2:30pm Andy Ritger - Status Report on A New Linux OpenGL ABI
2:30pm- 3:00pm Andy Ritger - Enabling Alternative Window Systems with a non-Mesa Graphics Driver Implementation
3:00pm- 3:15pm Break / Travel Sponsorship session
3:15pm- 3:45pm Matt Turner - GLSL compiler: Where we've been and where we're going
3:45pm- 4:15pm Connor Abbott - NIR, or moving beyond GLSL IR in Mesa
4:15pm- 4:30pm Break
4:30pm- 5:30pm Theo Hill & Jamey Sharp - GLX OML sync control
5:30pm- 6:00pm Alexander Monakov - A standalone threaded dispatch library for OpenGL
6:00pm- 6:15pm Conference closing: Please leave your badges on the table when leaving!

Saturday 11 October, 2014
10:00am (?)-6:00pm (?) Social Event! More information will be disclosed during the conference