XDC2008 Program

This is the rough program for XDC2008. If you would like to give a talk, please add a proposal to the Ideas section below. Please do not edit the program itself: instead, if you have any time constraints (e.g. are arriving late or leaving early), please note them with your talk.

The schedule itself will be available closer to the conference.


Wednesday Thursday (multimedia/GL) Friday (clients and bits)
10am coalesce, breakfast, live schedule bashing coalesce, breakfast coalesce, breakfast
10:30am Welcome, general socialising (?CarlWorth et al) DRI2 debriefing (KristianHøgsberg) Tinderbox with tests (ChrisBall)
11:15am X11R7.4 status (AdamJackson et al) Future plans for XRender (?EricAnholt) Image support in XCB (BartMassey)
12pm Introspection (?KevinMartin) Radeon state of the art (JeromeGlisse) Wine and X (?StefanDösinger)
1pm lunch lunch lunch
2pm Mesa/Gallium overview (?ZackRusin) Fixing video (?DavidSchleef) X.Org Foundation (Foundation board members) and impromptu XDS presentation with cute fluffy animals
3pm Suspend and resume (?MatthewGarrett) r6xx architecture (?AlexDeucher) A talk not about SELinux (?EamonWalsh)
4pm afternoon tea afternoon tea afternoon tea
4:30pm Xquartz (?BenByer) RandR (?KeithPackard) Lightning Talks (5 minutes each) Owen Taylor (by proxy): Fixing glyph performance. John: What's the transition plan for kernel modesetting? Paulo Zanoni and Tiago Vignatti: Multiseat and blocker bug on X server master. Jesse Barnes: Getting off of /dev/mem (helping to run server as non-root). Daniel Stone on input. Adam Jackson on doing Xinerama right.


  • ?EricAnholt: 3D driver optimization for TTM
  • ChrisBall: An X tinderbox with functional and performance tests
  • BartMassey: X image support in XCB
  • KristianHøgsberg: DRI2 Debriefing
  • ?ZackRusin: Mesa/Gallium overview/update
  • ?StefanDoesinger: Wine and X
  • ?MatthewGarrett: Suspend and resume in modern graphics drivers
  • ?BenByer: State of Xquartz
  • JeromeGlisse: Radeon state of the art
  • ?DavidSchleef: Getting Video Right from a media framework perspective
  • ?AlexDeucher: Radeon R6xx Architectural Overview
  • BartMassey, ?KeithPackard, AdamJackson, ?EricAnholt, ?CarlWorth, DanielStone: X.Org Foundation status etc
  • ?KevinMartin: What have we been up to lately? and what's next?
  • AdamJackson: Shattered pixmaps and the future of Xinerama