The aim of this sub-project is to clean up Xorg tree as much as possible in the same way as it is done by the Linux Kernel Janitor project. It is also a good start for newcomers to get more familiar with Xorg development.


It may be good to first read Modular Developers guide in case you still don't have a manually built xorg tree at your disposal. Here is a small list of tasks anyone is encouraged to update :

  • Check for unaudited return codes. There are places where return values for functions like xalloc() & others are not checked. (example
  • Code with old C function prototype definitions should be changed. Example : (taken from xcalc.c)
    114 int 
    115 main(argc, argv)
    116     int     argc;
    117     char    **argv;

should be changed to

    114 int 
    115 main(int argc, char **argv)

But be careful when you do make changes that you don't change the types of arguments of functions called from other packages/programs/modules due to different rules applied the to the two types of prototypes - see for more details.

  • Fix compiler warnings : There are many compiler warnings ranging from signedness problems to unused variables waiting to be fixed. It may be helpful to note that an unused variable is not necessarily for removal (as it may just be that a proper #ifdef is missing) - it is therefore wise to check the code, and ask for approval before removing a variable! Another good thing to fix is missing function prototypes.
  • See : bugzilla Janitor list
  • TODO add other tasks here :-)